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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Went Dinner With Family
Saba Restaurant

Yesterday, my mom and the family went out for dinner at Restaurant Saba at Cyberjaya. Here are the map to go there if you guys had never been there before

I think they have this restaurant lots in kl i think.. maybe.. you guys can check in the internet.. Well this is my second time going here. Not bad place. Always lot of people here. I though when my brother told me that we are going to this Arab place. i was thinking like owh going to be nice place like area Kuala lumpur... big house.. shisya everywhere.. but its not.. is like a very family place, they usually bring like one bus of family to go to this place. haha. because it is usually pack of family with there kids.

Yesterday, i eat beef + the bread and share a bit rice with my mom. hahaha and a bit caramel pudding nyum2 hehee

they have a lot of food that you can choose.. chicken also have.. but im not a big fan of chicken.. im a big fan of BEEF!! yes BEEF!! i love any kinda of beef except you know what la kan.. huhuhu

i drink this. nyummy.. well you know everyone is saying that this drink is haram.. because it said beer on it.. well why does not people said somthing to the root beer?? its said beer in that botol right? so everybody have there own way of thinking this is okey or not.

look nyummy right... delicious right hehe.. the last time i ate the all kind of beef/ chicken but i can not finish it.. so i eat this one. still full eating with this

haha yeah that me .. :P look at my shawls? haahaa you guys can laugh about ith with the round round things hehehhe... bye bye for now!!