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There is only one happiness in life -- to love and to be loved.
George Sand (1804-1876) French Romantic writer.

Monday, May 31, 2010


Hai again.. hehe i just saw this at my friend blog!! it makes my tummy hurts because i was laugh at it because is like soo true!! i mean yeah at first week we have all those energy to go to class..
go early.. do the work fast as we can... as times goes by.. the energy go away.. and it is just like this picture down here.. haha very funny and cute hehe

New semester

The first week

The first month

The second month

During the mid-term test

After the mid-term test

After all assignments were done, before the final exam

Once know the final exam schedule

7 days before final exam

6 days before final exam

5 days before final exam

4 days before final exam

3 days before final exam

2 days before final exam

1 days before final exam

A night before final exam

1 hour before final exam

During the final exam

Once walk out from the exam hall

After the final exam, during the holiday


Hai.. today,i went to the dentist again with my mom.but today we went at the doc at kajang..He was really nicer then the cheras..He was more friendly..he see my teeth and said that the tooth got to go.. and everything including the medicine was about rm150
so i ask the doc how much is it to do the new teeth.. well he said that it will cost about rm2500 per teeth so the teeth that is messing is 2 plus at the bottom my teeth got to go means rm7500 = 3 teeth omg what a cost~~ so the doc said that i have to do a braces cost more cheeper then the brige thing so now i just have to wait what my dad will say huhuhu

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Last Friday, i invited my friend's to my BBQ party.. the party was for my convocation/birthday/got into the degree..
i woke up early that morning helpping my mom cooking n wash the chiken and other stuff.. i invited all on my friends to come..
lots of them came n bring me present!! thanks guys..
got shoe's from the lovely couple adin n syud.. got chocolate from lovely light from eno,nad,and is...den i got a teaddy bear n chair from tasya,kembar n put!! thanks guys..
the menu last night was spagatie..bihun singapore..chiken..cupcakes..kuih melayu seri muka..nyum2 hehee everybody loves the bbq chiken nyum2 hehe

i was suprise that my uitm friend came!! i did not know that there are coming i was so0o happy about it!! miss n love them so much hehee

then yani n her friends came also. she was at the pwtc n came to kajang omg!! so nice of her... but sad that zarul didn't came to my house.. he was at his kampung sob sob sob

Later that night..we talk n talk n snap picture with them hehee

they were greats! hehe my sayang n mimi,ida,fara,baby,mamat n zul went back home a bit late they help me cleaning the hosue hehehe thanks guys hehe
everything went well great!! i sleep at 6 am huhu
thanks guys~~

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Convocation Day!!

Finally im a graduate student Diploma UITM hehee..Im proud of myself!! I have lots of friend in diploma sri iskandar..Im proud of them that had convocation with me that day.

Thanks for my dad n mom coming to my graduation day!! hehe my dad say that he never bought a flower before in his life.. the last time he bought flowers was when my mom was in the hospital having my lil sister that time.. Sadly my parent did not get to go inside to see me live because the room was full.. sob sob..

my mom was there.. hehe really had fun.. i know that time was freaking how!! my foot was hurt!! i was sweating like a toot!! Graduation day is so painful!! huhuhu

Monday, May 17, 2010

Eating dinner at bangi..

This is the place that we eat last 2 days ago...

well the food was the best!! great place!! i love the area hehee.. it is a Chinese Muslim food.. really good.. they have steamboat and also n Korea steamboat ( which is they have the grill things also)

here are the map to go the the red wok guys should come here to eat with friend's and family to0o0...great serving.. great people..n also great food!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

5D Reunion "2010"

(i post it a bit late because doing other stuff) hi 5d reunion!! was the best day!! i know it is simple.. but the simple makes the party was fun n close!! hehe i miss you guys..thats was the picture that one of our friend took.. hehe everyone n miss them.. well it still sad cause some of our friend cant come..but well its ok..
we still going to have another party ait!!

The Story About Hairunnadiah..

Hai dya.. just call me dee a uitm student at shah alam and taking graphic design.Do i love graphic? well i do that is why im furthering this course. It is kinda hard but its fun because they dont used any formula or any number. Im just not good at number. Plz dont give me any math problem.. ehehe
im a friendly person i guess ehehe love making trying new going out..
why do i have this blog because i would like to share with you guys what my days are...i like to try new stuff n fun stuff so i will put the best stuff here.. just wait and see!!