Short Famous Quotes

There is only one happiness in life -- to love and to be loved.
George Sand (1804-1876) French Romantic writer.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One tooth got to go AGAIN!

one tooth got to go just now.

scared this Friday what will happen.

wish me luck o this Friday.

you will see what is going to happen.

Lipice Malaysia Contest

Hai last week was the best!! i won the contest of lipice. A tea Party with Lisa Suriani. Shes is so beautiful in person!! well actually this contest you have to send your video anything video about your i did not send that.. then... they post that they give option to the person who just want to send their picture.. so i just send this picture. This picture my brother snap it for me at this weeding at segamat..

so i send this picture to them.. at first i don't care if i won or not because this picture it so simple..
so then i received an email form the lipice.malaysia that i got to go to the tea party with lisa suriani!! i was so shocked and surprise!! they said that i can bring one friend along... so i bring my housemate wawa.. she love lisa suriani so much!!
okey down here im going to show you the tea party!!
have fun!!

these we're the game's we have to make up the balloon huhuhu

this is her mom..isn't she pretty to? hheee

love her smile :)

me and wawa .. we have to pose in front of the press thing hehe

don't get jealous!! i got to hug her!!

awwwhhh so cute!!


mwah mwah!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Again with cute quotes

If someone would ask me what a beautiful life means,

I would lean my head on your shoulder,

hold you close to me and answer with a smile,

“Like this."


'relationships are like paddle boats, it won't work unless both people paddle towards the same goal' -

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Don't let little things get you down.

You've got many big reasons to look up to God and say thanks tonight.

Tomorrow, it's going to be a great day.

I want this!!

gosh really want this camera..
its freaking cool ok!!
and it is pink hehee
its cost about rm 300+ sumthing huhu

Monday, December 13, 2010

Firework & Grenade MASHUP (Explosion Medley) - Sam Tsui

The song in this video has all the song that i love to here now... gosh just love the combination that he made.. really nice okey heee should listen to it

Sunday, December 12, 2010


hehee sorry guys today is quotes day for me hehe.. well this one i took from my friend page also.. meaning is Love actually is letting someone you love to be himself and not change the picture you want. If not, you just love the reflection of yourself that you find in him.

‎"Cinta sebenarnya adalah membiarkan orang yang kamu cintai menjadi dirinya sendiri dan tidak merubahnya menjadi gambaran yang kamu inginkan. Jika tidak, kamu hanya mencintai pantulan diri sendiri yang kamu temukan didalam dirinya. "


This word down here is i copy from my friend.. it just get to me this word. thanks sis..

….Love always bring you a new hOpe, but they never comes with a warranty .
– Aniely

Saturday, October 30, 2010

JS - Nobody - Wondergirls (cover)

study without music is bored ait? so i have this song to share... pretty nice... love the way hey sing.. hehee i want nobody but you.. yes you hehehee study time!!


Hi guys..
its been a long time that i did not write anything in this page... kind of miss it a lot..
there are a lot of things has past.. later on if i found those picture ill tell u guys about it..
Now im studying my final exam..this monday will be my last paper for this semester.. yaho0o0
after that ill continue doing my blogging thing hahaa so later on ill chat with yall daa

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day!!

Last sunday,which is fathers day hehee we all one family went to Alamandar,Putrajaya to go went dinner... we went there and eat the regular dinner which is "nandos" we love nandos!! hehe every time e go out as a family.. we will go to nandos and eat grill chicken!! really nice and i think it is healthy i guess hehe.. we did not take any chance to go to the other place because we are afraid that the new place will not be satisfied that day my dad was not ok.. a bit of moody but when we all go eat together well its fine because the restaurant did well.. if not the volcano will come out and every body will not be happy huhuh you know what i mean ok hehe..

nandos so0o0 delicious!! hehe you guys go and grab of nandos grill chicken hehe..

these are the picture i took wen we get there .. im sory my dad face cant see..only my mom hehe my dad was hunrgy that why hehee ..
thanks dad!! love you ! hehe me and my lil sis which is asyura.. we both bought a card and give it to him.. hehe while my sister well shes working now.. so she has money to buy the present hehee she bought my dad a beg .. i dont know which beg...but i know it that it is expensive hehee... well he love all the present he get! hehee its been a hile we did not celebrate father's day because every year he is not here with us.. he was always at the outstation which is very far far away from this year he is back and will stay here hehee love you dad.. huhuhu

Family Day

this was last week.. it was held on the 13 of June.. at

i did all the things like preparing the gift,hampers,food,drink and other stuff.. so everybody did came early. which is that we started at 11 am.. so everybody came at 1030 am because they we to0o0 exited to play the bowling.

we play at ampang superbowl at metropoint.. i book 6 lane for this family.. which is each lane is 5 people..everybody had fun!! hehee but my mind was not at the bowling because my mind was thinking about food,drink and other stuff.. suppose i have too give some of the work to my brother and sister but they were bz and that day they help me like my big brother .. we he help me call the pizza domino.. and my sister help me but preparing the bowling and paying stuff. thank god i have them to help me..

so we did have fun at the bowling.. we played to games.. the winner for the amazing parent was won by my pak lang he is good in the bowling.. and his son to0o win the prize for the kids..

after giving the prize to the winner we all went home to our house to go and eat some yummy food which is domino pizza!! nyum2 is so0o0 delicious!! hehee

and my antie made and homemade cupcakes is really yummy.. she made a chocolate cupcake and also a carrot cupcakes...

later on.. my dad and my mak ngah karaoke.. my dad plays the guitar and my mak nagh sang hehee... her voice were nice all of the family have the voice to sing.... i did sang also.. well it is kinda hard to sing while waiting for the guitar tune.. because singing an akustik version is hard.. was my first try but it comes great hehehe love singing with them hope next activity will have more karaoke hehe..
the kids up stare was watching some movie..

blog blog blog

ok today im gonna wrote a lot of things
ok.. so just wait and see hat am i
going to bla bla later on .... so wait ok hehehee

Saturday, June 19, 2010

huhu its been a week

oh my gosh!! huhuu its been a week ive been not bloging myself.. about a week ago ive been doing a lot of stuff such as family day with my mom side family.. ive watch 2 movei at mid valley with my sayang.. have seen my new house ( meaning we are going to move like 2 or three year ) sob sob sob well im going to wirte it down later huhuhu jsut my mood right now is not good huhuhu ok then see ya later .. of tonignt hehee daaa~

Monday, June 7, 2010

chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing ~

These are my lovely cupcake's. well its homemade cupcake.. hehee it my first try.. its very simple for my first time ill try it much better.. supposed i wanted to make it colorful but the colour was already finish at home so i just make it Vanilla...
the chocolate cupcakes are easy to do.. just add the oil + water + 3 big eggs...the flower that i used is i bought at these bakery near by mydin sell these muffin flower and you just have to add up the wet ingredient just like i said.. then you just have to mixture it until it look okey..then just put at the oven 20 minits.. then your cupcakes is ready to put the icing..

The Vanilla Icing Suger
- butter ( unsalted ) : 1/4 cup of butter
- a pinch of salt
- powder sugar : 2 1/2 cup
- Vanilla extract : 1/2 tbspn
- Milk : 4 tbspn

Then you have to used the machine to mix it up until it look like an icing for the cupcakes. Then let the cupcakes get cool..Then its ready to put the icing on top at the cupcake then you can design it whatever you want!! try it!! homemade cupcake!! nyum nyum!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Yesterday me and him went to Wangsa Walk..i came to Ampang and pick him up because i wanted to drive that day hehee.. so ive already book the movie at Pavilion but he said let not go there today let go somewhere else.. so i sud just hmm let go to Wangsa Walk..

what do they have there.. because people keep taking bout that place. so we went there.. OMG!! it was Saturdays!! and it is full of people.. we went round and round and round to fine the parking place.. it was hard.. finally we got a parking.. fuhh!! Then we went strait to the TGV movie and go bought the tickets. we went and book the tickets to see 'PRINCE OF PERSIA' it was so0o0 cool!! love the movie.. all though i did not play the game like he does.. it was awesome!!

The movie was at 5.45 pm.. so we went to eat first... well that place.. is not like for eating place.. the food chose it isn't that much to choose so we tried to eat this Thai food.. well its ok.. because it has a 'kerabu mangga' which is kind of Mangoes Salad.. which is very nice... then we eat tom yum..
Before we went back home.. we went to the cold storage.. he went to buy his stuff then we went inside and see all those yummy food! hehee i told him to but this popcorn thing.. he never tried it before.. so i told him just try one and tell me the result like it or not!! because it is so delicious because it is a butter popcorn and it is yummy to eat! heee .. after that he wanted to buy some snack.. so i choose this nachos with the salsa.. nice..he love it hee..then we went back and before he went home.. he decide to hang out at the back of his house which is the place that he will always go if he had a prob.. the view from there can see the klcc.. very nice place...
that morning.. which it this morning.. he was going to go to Bandung.. which is he is at Bandung right now with his family... gosh i miss him so much!! hope he had a fun over there. he will be coming back to Malaysia this Thursday!! huh u mish my buncit so0o much!! heehe

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lagenda Budak Setan Official Trailer

Hai..i just watch the Malay movie just now at Alamandar Putrajaya with my friend zarl n sara..We watch the hot movie ever that people always talking.. well it was ok for me.. but i just dont like the song because it was over n over and over again. Me and my friends keeps on laugh all the was sad part but we laugh haha.. the place in the movie was nice.. the love part is when they both at the single tree,i think the place was near by the UPM or something..everything was cool but then the new character come out she has the problem saying the "R" word haha makes us laugh .. conclusion is that you guys that love the novel should watch this movie.. it is 2 hour movie.. its romantic + sad + cute + OMG haha just watch it and support Malaysian movie...

Down here are the guys should watch it!!

The place in this movie is so nice.. view and the angle i just love it..

PS/ go watch it with your love one or with your girl ok!!

Monday, May 31, 2010


Hai again.. hehe i just saw this at my friend blog!! it makes my tummy hurts because i was laugh at it because is like soo true!! i mean yeah at first week we have all those energy to go to class..
go early.. do the work fast as we can... as times goes by.. the energy go away.. and it is just like this picture down here.. haha very funny and cute hehe

New semester

The first week

The first month

The second month

During the mid-term test

After the mid-term test

After all assignments were done, before the final exam

Once know the final exam schedule

7 days before final exam

6 days before final exam

5 days before final exam

4 days before final exam

3 days before final exam

2 days before final exam

1 days before final exam

A night before final exam

1 hour before final exam

During the final exam

Once walk out from the exam hall

After the final exam, during the holiday


Hai.. today,i went to the dentist again with my mom.but today we went at the doc at kajang..He was really nicer then the cheras..He was more friendly..he see my teeth and said that the tooth got to go.. and everything including the medicine was about rm150
so i ask the doc how much is it to do the new teeth.. well he said that it will cost about rm2500 per teeth so the teeth that is messing is 2 plus at the bottom my teeth got to go means rm7500 = 3 teeth omg what a cost~~ so the doc said that i have to do a braces cost more cheeper then the brige thing so now i just have to wait what my dad will say huhuhu

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Last Friday, i invited my friend's to my BBQ party.. the party was for my convocation/birthday/got into the degree..
i woke up early that morning helpping my mom cooking n wash the chiken and other stuff.. i invited all on my friends to come..
lots of them came n bring me present!! thanks guys..
got shoe's from the lovely couple adin n syud.. got chocolate from lovely light from eno,nad,and is...den i got a teaddy bear n chair from tasya,kembar n put!! thanks guys..
the menu last night was spagatie..bihun singapore..chiken..cupcakes..kuih melayu seri muka..nyum2 hehee everybody loves the bbq chiken nyum2 hehe

i was suprise that my uitm friend came!! i did not know that there are coming i was so0o happy about it!! miss n love them so much hehee

then yani n her friends came also. she was at the pwtc n came to kajang omg!! so nice of her... but sad that zarul didn't came to my house.. he was at his kampung sob sob sob

Later that night..we talk n talk n snap picture with them hehee

they were greats! hehe my sayang n mimi,ida,fara,baby,mamat n zul went back home a bit late they help me cleaning the hosue hehehe thanks guys hehe
everything went well great!! i sleep at 6 am huhu
thanks guys~~

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Convocation Day!!

Finally im a graduate student Diploma UITM hehee..Im proud of myself!! I have lots of friend in diploma sri iskandar..Im proud of them that had convocation with me that day.

Thanks for my dad n mom coming to my graduation day!! hehe my dad say that he never bought a flower before in his life.. the last time he bought flowers was when my mom was in the hospital having my lil sister that time.. Sadly my parent did not get to go inside to see me live because the room was full.. sob sob..

my mom was there.. hehe really had fun.. i know that time was freaking how!! my foot was hurt!! i was sweating like a toot!! Graduation day is so painful!! huhuhu