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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lagenda Budak Setan Official Trailer

Hai..i just watch the Malay movie just now at Alamandar Putrajaya with my friend zarl n sara..We watch the hot movie ever that people always talking.. well it was ok for me.. but i just dont like the song because it was over n over and over again. Me and my friends keeps on laugh all the was sad part but we laugh haha.. the place in the movie was nice.. the love part is when they both at the single tree,i think the place was near by the UPM or something..everything was cool but then the new character come out she has the problem saying the "R" word haha makes us laugh .. conclusion is that you guys that love the novel should watch this movie.. it is 2 hour movie.. its romantic + sad + cute + OMG haha just watch it and support Malaysian movie...

Down here are the guys should watch it!!

The place in this movie is so nice.. view and the angle i just love it..

PS/ go watch it with your love one or with your girl ok!!

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