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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day!!

Last sunday,which is fathers day hehee we all one family went to Alamandar,Putrajaya to go went dinner... we went there and eat the regular dinner which is "nandos" we love nandos!! hehe every time e go out as a family.. we will go to nandos and eat grill chicken!! really nice and i think it is healthy i guess hehe.. we did not take any chance to go to the other place because we are afraid that the new place will not be satisfied that day my dad was not ok.. a bit of moody but when we all go eat together well its fine because the restaurant did well.. if not the volcano will come out and every body will not be happy huhuh you know what i mean ok hehe..

nandos so0o0 delicious!! hehe you guys go and grab of nandos grill chicken hehe..

these are the picture i took wen we get there .. im sory my dad face cant see..only my mom hehe my dad was hunrgy that why hehee ..
thanks dad!! love you ! hehe me and my lil sis which is asyura.. we both bought a card and give it to him.. hehe while my sister well shes working now.. so she has money to buy the present hehee she bought my dad a beg .. i dont know which beg...but i know it that it is expensive hehee... well he love all the present he get! hehee its been a hile we did not celebrate father's day because every year he is not here with us.. he was always at the outstation which is very far far away from this year he is back and will stay here hehee love you dad.. huhuhu

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