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There is only one happiness in life -- to love and to be loved.
George Sand (1804-1876) French Romantic writer.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Yesterday me and him went to Wangsa Walk..i came to Ampang and pick him up because i wanted to drive that day hehee.. so ive already book the movie at Pavilion but he said let not go there today let go somewhere else.. so i sud just hmm let go to Wangsa Walk..

what do they have there.. because people keep taking bout that place. so we went there.. OMG!! it was Saturdays!! and it is full of people.. we went round and round and round to fine the parking place.. it was hard.. finally we got a parking.. fuhh!! Then we went strait to the TGV movie and go bought the tickets. we went and book the tickets to see 'PRINCE OF PERSIA' it was so0o0 cool!! love the movie.. all though i did not play the game like he does.. it was awesome!!

The movie was at 5.45 pm.. so we went to eat first... well that place.. is not like for eating place.. the food chose it isn't that much to choose so we tried to eat this Thai food.. well its ok.. because it has a 'kerabu mangga' which is kind of Mangoes Salad.. which is very nice... then we eat tom yum..
Before we went back home.. we went to the cold storage.. he went to buy his stuff then we went inside and see all those yummy food! hehee i told him to but this popcorn thing.. he never tried it before.. so i told him just try one and tell me the result like it or not!! because it is so delicious because it is a butter popcorn and it is yummy to eat! heee .. after that he wanted to buy some snack.. so i choose this nachos with the salsa.. nice..he love it hee..then we went back and before he went home.. he decide to hang out at the back of his house which is the place that he will always go if he had a prob.. the view from there can see the klcc.. very nice place...
that morning.. which it this morning.. he was going to go to Bandung.. which is he is at Bandung right now with his family... gosh i miss him so much!! hope he had a fun over there. he will be coming back to Malaysia this Thursday!! huh u mish my buncit so0o much!! heehe

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