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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Day

this was last week.. it was held on the 13 of June.. at

i did all the things like preparing the gift,hampers,food,drink and other stuff.. so everybody did came early. which is that we started at 11 am.. so everybody came at 1030 am because they we to0o0 exited to play the bowling.

we play at ampang superbowl at metropoint.. i book 6 lane for this family.. which is each lane is 5 people..everybody had fun!! hehee but my mind was not at the bowling because my mind was thinking about food,drink and other stuff.. suppose i have too give some of the work to my brother and sister but they were bz and that day they help me like my big brother .. we he help me call the pizza domino.. and my sister help me but preparing the bowling and paying stuff. thank god i have them to help me..

so we did have fun at the bowling.. we played to games.. the winner for the amazing parent was won by my pak lang he is good in the bowling.. and his son to0o win the prize for the kids..

after giving the prize to the winner we all went home to our house to go and eat some yummy food which is domino pizza!! nyum2 is so0o0 delicious!! hehee

and my antie made and homemade cupcakes is really yummy.. she made a chocolate cupcake and also a carrot cupcakes...

later on.. my dad and my mak ngah karaoke.. my dad plays the guitar and my mak nagh sang hehee... her voice were nice all of the family have the voice to sing.... i did sang also.. well it is kinda hard to sing while waiting for the guitar tune.. because singing an akustik version is hard.. was my first try but it comes great hehehe love singing with them hope next activity will have more karaoke hehe..
the kids up stare was watching some movie..

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