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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lipice Malaysia Contest

Hai last week was the best!! i won the contest of lipice. A tea Party with Lisa Suriani. Shes is so beautiful in person!! well actually this contest you have to send your video anything video about your i did not send that.. then... they post that they give option to the person who just want to send their picture.. so i just send this picture. This picture my brother snap it for me at this weeding at segamat..

so i send this picture to them.. at first i don't care if i won or not because this picture it so simple..
so then i received an email form the lipice.malaysia that i got to go to the tea party with lisa suriani!! i was so shocked and surprise!! they said that i can bring one friend along... so i bring my housemate wawa.. she love lisa suriani so much!!
okey down here im going to show you the tea party!!
have fun!!

these we're the game's we have to make up the balloon huhuhu

this is her mom..isn't she pretty to? hheee

love her smile :)

me and wawa .. we have to pose in front of the press thing hehe

don't get jealous!! i got to hug her!!

awwwhhh so cute!!


mwah mwah!

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