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George Sand (1804-1876) French Romantic writer.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Last Friday, i invited my friend's to my BBQ party.. the party was for my convocation/birthday/got into the degree..
i woke up early that morning helpping my mom cooking n wash the chiken and other stuff.. i invited all on my friends to come..
lots of them came n bring me present!! thanks guys..
got shoe's from the lovely couple adin n syud.. got chocolate from lovely light from eno,nad,and is...den i got a teaddy bear n chair from tasya,kembar n put!! thanks guys..
the menu last night was spagatie..bihun singapore..chiken..cupcakes..kuih melayu seri muka..nyum2 hehee everybody loves the bbq chiken nyum2 hehe

i was suprise that my uitm friend came!! i did not know that there are coming i was so0o happy about it!! miss n love them so much hehee

then yani n her friends came also. she was at the pwtc n came to kajang omg!! so nice of her... but sad that zarul didn't came to my house.. he was at his kampung sob sob sob

Later that night..we talk n talk n snap picture with them hehee

they were greats! hehe my sayang n mimi,ida,fara,baby,mamat n zul went back home a bit late they help me cleaning the hosue hehehe thanks guys hehe
everything went well great!! i sleep at 6 am huhu
thanks guys~~

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