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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My lil Baby Bunny!!

Hai again!! hmm owh yeah forgot to let you know that i have two baby bunny that are getting fatter each and every day!! hehehee love them so much!! Yesterday when i get back from work, i go and see my baby bunny... i look at them and think hmmm let's bath them! because i think there are old enough to get bath.. well as usuall i call my big brother for helping me. He is very good in animal.Im a bit scared of the animal because im scared that the animal ( cats/rabbits/hamster) would scracht me.. i dont like it... so my brother help me bath them. I just change the water to warm water and then used the hair dryer to dry them... They were so damn cute!! Here are my baby bunny...
I bought them at shah alam. Why did i buy them? i dont know.. its just felling like to.. they are cute aren't they.. hehee.. every day we change the poop place. keep them clean always.. my dad and mom love it too because they dont make any sound huhuhu

hehe hai!! my name is 'susu gemok' im a female that love to eat!! hehe

yoo wasaap.. my name is willis.. skinny lil willis hehehe nice willis.. im a male..

arent we cute together??? hehee

hehehe love them both..


this is their new cages i bought it at mid valley. it has a promotion on that day cost rm199.00 huhuhu .. i feel so sorry for them because the old cages was kinda small and then made the rabbits foot stuck in the cages made the rabbits nails got red.. sob sob sob


but i do want cat.. but im scared that i would fail to take care of the cat.. :( cats are so lovable and make cute faces and they will listed to you when you have problem. but my mother doest like the smell of the cat.. and maybe would have problem with the poop and all stuff.. But someday i would love to have a cat as my pet.. hope so one day.. hehehee

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