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Sunday, November 6, 2011


true. people love to make things complicated. Actually they can
make those problem simple. But they don't see the simple way to make things

last Friday one of my lecture had told us a story..
the story sound like this..
this US astronaut when to the moon, they need to figure it out something,
so they need to write things out using a pen,
but the pen that they used cant used in out of space because of the graffiti thingy
so they come back to the earth and used billion-billion US dollar
and also the big-big people to make a new pen that can used in out of space.
so in those years they end up making a marvelous pen.
so the US astronaut went to the moon again to test the new pen
and it works.

but... in the other hand, which is the Russia astronaut, they had a simple way.. what they did is that
when they send their astronaut out of space,
and they cant used the pen..
they straight away used a PENCIL..
easy + simple as that... they didn't used billion2 of money to make some pen
to used it in out of space or what.. don't need to make the thing simple hard.get what i mean.

ps - hehe well sometime im one of those people that makes
those simple things hard. maybe that time my brain
did not make any conclusion so
it make in it the other way haha
so funny me.. :P

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