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Monday, November 7, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha!!

hi again.. well today we went to our kampung at melaka,ramuan china besar..
its raya right .. :)
i dont know why, if i went back to kampung my activities are eat + sleep + watching the tv
that is what i do if i went to my kampung.. haha
my uwan ( grandma ) love to cook for the cucu hehee
lagi ramai cucu die lagi byk la die masak mcm2 like yeahh!! awesome!!
so if i stay longer at kampung sure aiyoo0o0 senang naik berat badan hahaa
asyik tdo mkn tdo mkn haishh that is not good at all
well today the boys went to korban the lembu..
the lembu names is saloma hehe

one whole cow there nyummy hehee

both of them are my uncle2

my anitie and the kazens hehee :)

my uwan on the left n my mak teh on the right

yeahh kasi potong..

my dad

my mom

my busu hehe :)

well didnt take that much of picture cause i dont like to get close to the cow with blood huhu
takot darah actually that is why i cant be a doctor hahaa

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