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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My baby bunnie

Morning peeps..
hye.. isnt they adorable!!
these are my baby bunnie.. 39 days old..

drinking milk hehehe ( cat milk )

amboi berebut jer so00 cute taw..

"ish ape la tuan aku satu satu minum ishh "


left thumper
right snowy

this one i call him ( i think its a him ) blacky
but my family call this dude otai
cause he is so0 small but so aggressive

this one is cute cause this one just love hide inside that helmet hehee

blue eyes just like the dad..

this one same as the mom

hehe posing


this one i call him messy cause the hair is
so messy

where is the grass!!

This one below i took while there were 13 day old.. so small..
the eyes was so small like sepet.. heheee
there were so small..

they just love to sleep when there babies hehee

sorry for the flash huhuhu "ter"flash
i know its not good for the baby bunnie got the flash huhuhu
they could died huhu :(

kacau la tuan aku niee duk amek gmbr jer huhu

oright line up please... :)

ps - sadly the mother bunnies died while the baby bunnies were 16 days old..
i'm not really sure why did she died.. doc n people said that she was stress..
cause rabbit is easily get stress.. i was in shah alam that morning..
my brother call me that "susu" looke unwell..
i ask my brother to go to the clinic,while he was get dress "susu" died.. so sad..
the baby bunnies was so little and need milk form the mom, i went to the clinic, the doc said just give them cat milk, so i give them cat milk, but the first week was kinda hard because
i don't know how to milk the bunnies, firstly i used this botol, the head was big
so the baby bunnies does not like it.. so i went to the doc, the doc
give them this vitamin so ada selera makan la katanyer.. so she used this thingy
tu put to the mouth so they it eat... i used that thingy to put milk in the mouth they drink it
awww im so0o0 proud of me can be mama rabbit hahaa :P

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